Watch Gold Digger 2016 Online Free, Full Movie English Subtitles a comedy Film about a girl who does not know how to be poor, and the boy who does not know how to be rich. Lifestyle blogger Marja (Minka Kuustonen) must not leave the blog to take off, even though the company is hard. The money will go, but it just does not come. Marja collides Olaviin (Mew Mew Power). Olavi was born golden spoon in your mouth, but he just wants to be ordinary. Screwball Olavi could be a solution to the crisis of astute cash shortages and to Berry’s successor amounts falling. Olavi women do not know anything terribly. A summer comedy tells the opportunists unbridled entrepreneurship and self-branding, responsibility and irresponsibility, as well as money and a chronic lack of money

Gold Digger 2016 Cast And Crew IMDB

Comedy Film Finland, 2016,

directed by : Ville Janker
Screenplay : Pekko Pesonen
Camera : Jarkko T. Laine
Music: Marko Nyberg
Starring : Minka Kuustonen , Pamela Tola , Ida Vakkuri , Taneli Mäkelä , Emmi Parviainen , Pirkko Hämäläinen , Olavi Uusivirta , Max Ovaska , Satu Silvo , Jarkko Pajunen , Pia Andersson , Martin Bahne , Niko Vakkuri , Iida Lampela

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